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Earth Day Yoga & Beach Clean Up

Celebrating #EarthDay2018 weekend beginning our day with an amazing beach yoga session with Rachel from Jiva Yoga Centerfollowed up by a sweep of Coligny Beach to pick up litter. Thanks so much to Margaret Corning and the The Beach House Resort staff, students from May River High School, Hannah Quast, and the ladies from the Save the Loggerhead Sea Turtles: "Turtle Trackers" group.

In just 2 hours 20 volunteers picked up over 1300 pieces of trash. Number one item? Cigarette butts - 351 of them - we could have spent all day picking those up! Other Items included: 194 plastic food wrappers, 53 plastic bags, 199 plastic bottle caps, tennis balls, kites, clothing, blankets, styrofoam, toys, shoes and straws, lots of straws.

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