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Beaufort County 

Kids in Kayaks

A fun-filled field trip for 7th graders! Students spend half the day kayaking, and the other half in dockside activities that offer hands-on, science based learning.

Program Components

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Trained and talented kayak professionals teach students how to kayak! On safe, stable, double kayaks, participants explore the salt-marsh and learn about the ecosystem first hand. 

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Water Shed Modeling

With support for Beaufort County Public Service District Educators, students interact with a watershed model and observe how pollutants behave in run-off scenarios.

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Water Testing

Students learn collection and observation techniques for understanding water health and quality. Working in teams, they perform tests, record data and discuss thier findings.

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Touch Tank

Kids get their hands dirty handling crabs, grass, shells, and other flora and fauna of the salt marsh. Master Naturalist's illuminate the experience with information about the different species. 

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The Lowcountry is home to a robust variety of bird life. In Kids in Kayaks, students gain experience using binoculars, identifying bird species and learning about their significance in the food web of the salt-marsh

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Key Species

Oysters, salt-water, spartina grass and pluff mud work in harmony to support the diverse eco-system of the salt marsh - the Kids in Kayaks cirriculum is designed around learning the dynamics of this relationship. 

The Outside Foundation




We write and revise the in's and out's of the learning program for Kids in Kayaks, focusing on drawing parallels to classroom instruction



We scout and secure on-water locations across Beaufort County to create accessible opportunities for all middle schools.


School Recruitment

We engage local science teachers to sign their classes up for Kids in Kayaks and facilitate every step of the process of executing the field trip.



In addition to Kids in Kayaks, the Foundation runs a Learn to Paddle after school program for youth to get in to paddling.



We find the best talent in the area to provide students trained and certified kayak guides, as well as volunteers Master Naturalists and educators to run dock-side activities.



For any students that can't afford the field trip cost, The Outside Foundation covers the fee through a rolling donation fund.

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